Are you a Spacewalk user? Have you wished you could easily get in contact with the Spacewalk development team or other Spacewalk user? Then you want to use SpaceTALK 🙂 I spent the last two nights coding up the chat feature in Spacewalk. When you click the banner or the Chat menu in the Help section, a new window is opened with a web-based IRC client on freenode. You will be presented a dialog asking for your freenode nick and preselected #spacewalk IRC channel. There you can interact with the Spacewalk community to get help, share your knowledge, or just come hangout.

You can get access to the feature in the git repository (master). It should appear in the nightly repos sometime tomorrow.

Now here are the obligatory screenshots:

chat menu and chat banner
Connect screen
IRC window showing #spacewalk

7 thoughts on “SpaceTALK

  1. oh dude, we totally need tito wearing a little headset thing with a come-hither gaze instead of the stupid chat bubble lol

    how could i be so short-sighted

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