Mazdaspeed in shop

The Speed 3 developed a weird clanking noise when you start the car cold. Since it already has 33,282 miles I figured I better get it taken care of before I hit the end of the 36,000 mile warranty. The good news is they found the problem but had to order 1 of the 5 needed parts and the order takes a week. Probably has to fly in from Japan. 😦 This means I have to go back again to get the actual problem finally fixed. I also had them rotate the tires while they had it there.

While picking up the car I got the obligatory, while we were rotating your tires we noticed you need new front brake pads and rotors. I immediately knew what that meant, wait for it, wait for it, I know I’m going to get the same line I got when I had the Trans Am. “Unfortunately, these Speed 3 pads are not cheap, you’re looking at $275 for the pads, $180 for the rotors, and 1 hour of labor.” It was all I could do to keep from laughing at her. Like I would let the dealer do my brakes.Ten years ago Pontiac told me the Trans Am pads were $110 a pair, I found Performance Friction pads for $49 which were better than the AC/Delcos.  A quick search today found Mazdaspeed 3 brand for $193 (still way to much for my tastes) and Hawk brands for $84.  So I know I can find them much cheaper than $275.  Then I’ll save the labor costs by doing it myself.


One thought on “Mazdaspeed in shop

  1. I wish I could be that independent when it comes to cars. 😦 We recently got ripped off, $50 Sears charged us to just hook the computer up to figure out why the check engine light was on. 😦

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