Flight to Red Hat Summit

The plan was to leave the house at 7am this morning, but I wanted to make sure
I said goodbye to the family, so it was more like 7:11am when I finally left the

I did not anticipate the traffic I encountered on the way to the airport.
Needless to say I was stressed, I really don’t like time schedules, they
really stress me out. I finally got to the airport at 8am for a 9:10am flight.
Yes cutting it close especially since I have to actually check a bag this time.

Thankfully there was no lines at the curbside baggage checkin as well as
security. Got to the gate by 8:20am, WHEW! Made it. :)

When I got on the plane I went to my seat, 27F. I could’ve sworn I picked
an exit row during my reservation. Oh well, at least I got a window seat
and the other two seats next to me were empty so I actually got an
entire row to myself.

On the plane I tried watching 300 on the laptop, but the battery was going
down quickly, I’m down to 45% already. So I settled for listening to the
300 soundtrack on the iPod.

That’s it for now, I’ll post more later.

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