Humpty is back together

On Thursday, my Thinkpad T43 stopped charging. The yellow power jack was loose. I took the laptop apart (keyboard, bezel, hard drive, CDROM, power strip) to get access to the loose screw. I tightened it and put the laptop back together. Nada. Still no power. I took it apart again. That’s when I noticed the wire that connects to the power jack from the motherboard was disconnected, actually it was unglued and broken 🙂

So to the rescue, I was able to get a new power jack by Monday. Turns out in order to access the power jack, requires removing the system board. So I got to remove even MORE screws and parts (fan assembly, CDROM cage, memory, mini pci card, speaker assembly, VGA connector, and finally the rear strip). After almost 2 hours of repair work, I am proud to say I am writing this entry from the laptop which is running from the new power jack!

IBM Thinkpad T43 power jack

short cubes suck.

Short walled cubicles suck! That’s all there is to it. And when you go from cubes that are more like modular offices to short walled cubes that sucks even more. Especially when it’s done for some perceived ‘increase in collaboration’.

Lawn mower trouble

broken intake manifold, originally uploaded by jmrodri.

mower gutted, originally uploaded by jmrodri.

I wanted to cut the lawn one last time before winter and I only got half way through the backyard before the lawn mower decided to shut off. I was pissed off to the point I was ready to just go buy a new one right then and there, but the thought of spending $400+ on a new one just didn’t sit well with me. So I started removing screws 🙂 that when I ended up with most of the top of the mower’s engine apart. I ordered the parts from Briggs & Stratton but they won’t get here for a few weeks.