Humpty is back together

On Thursday, my Thinkpad T43 stopped charging. The yellow power jack was loose. I took the laptop apart (keyboard, bezel, hard drive, CDROM, power strip) to get access to the loose screw. I tightened it and put the laptop back together. Nada. Still no power. I took it apart again. That’s when I noticed the wire that connects to the power jack from the motherboard was disconnected, actually it was unglued and broken 🙂

So to the rescue, I was able to get a new power jack by Monday. Turns out in order to access the power jack, requires removing the system board. So I got to remove even MORE screws and parts (fan assembly, CDROM cage, memory, mini pci card, speaker assembly, VGA connector, and finally the rear strip). After almost 2 hours of repair work, I am proud to say I am writing this entry from the laptop which is running from the new power jack!

IBM Thinkpad T43 power jack


2 thoughts on “Humpty is back together

  1. The nice thing about ThinkPads is that IBM/Lenovo actually gives you a manual on how to take their machines apart and put them back together again, plus part numbers for almost everything in them.

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