TiVo or MOXI

Dear Interwebs,

Back in Sept of 2008, I was sick of Time Warner Cables crappy DVR but I didn’t follow through on my threat of switching to something else. Now I have a new HDTV and the Time Warner Cable HD-DVR box and it is worse than the SD DVR box I had from them.

  • slow menus
  • doesn’t buffer the channel it is on anymore
  • HD box has really dumb recording, two shows on the same channel back to back and try to record another one on a different channel, the box thinks there’s a conflict. But the same channel shows are back to back, it only needs one tuner for that.
  • the UI is horrible

I know a lot of folks are happy with their TiVo‘s, but the ‘no DVR fee’ of the Moxi. So do any of you Interwebbers have a Moxi and if so, how do you like it? Feel free to leave a comment.


Spacewalk 0.8 RELEASED!

Another Spacewalk release hits the interwebs.

Features & Enhancements

  • SHA256 Feature – support for packages with checksums other than MD5. Spacewalk server and proxy can serve and accept rpms with SHA256 digests, show the checksums in webUI and accept them in API calls.
  • Moved from mod_python to mod_wsgi on Fedora 11 and Fedora 12, which promises better performance.
  • Improved performance of SSM and API
  • and more

Known Issues

  • PostgreSQL support still does not work. We will need help with moving this forward.
  • Provider GPG key is not sometimes recognized and packages shows up as unknown Provider.
  • Documentation search does not work, other search are unaffected.
  • Cobbler 2.0 is known to work, but full tests haven’t been done yet.

Congrats to the Spacewalk team for another great release!

buildr > ant > maven

I chose buildr as our build tool for project candlepin, primarily because I don’t care for the large amounts of XML required by maven pom files. And ant seems to have become passe with most Java projects.

On project Spacewalk, we used checkstyle to ensure the code was consistently formatted, so I wanted to do this with candlepin as well. At the moment, there isn’t an official checkstyle plugin for buildr, but it has the ability to create ant tasks (in Ruby). Here is my task to run checkstyle against the candlepin codebase.

  # CHECKSTYLE task, a Buildr plugin would be better, but this is faster
  task :checkstyle do
      ant('checkstyle') do |ant|
        rm_rf 'reports/checkstyle_report.xml'
        mkdir_p 'reports'

        ant.taskdef :resource=>"checkstyletask.properties", :classpath=>Buildr.artifacts(CHECKSTYLE).each(&:invoke).map(&:name).join(File::PATH_SEPARATOR)
        ant.checkstyle :config=>"buildconf/checkstyle.xml" do
          ant.formatter :type=>'plain'
          ant.formatter :type=>'xml', :toFile=>"reports/checkstyle_report.xml"

          ant.property :key=>'javadoc.method.scope', :value=>'public'
          ant.property :key=>'javadoc.type.scope', :value=>'package'
          ant.property :key=>'javadoc.var.scope', :value=>'package'
          ant.property :key=>'javadoc.lazy', :value=>'false'
          ant.property :key=>'checkstyle.cache.file', :value=>'target/checkstyle.cache.src'
          ant.property :key=>'checkstyle.header.file', :value=>'buildconf/LICENSE.txt'

          ant.fileset :dir=>"src/main/java", :includes=>'**/*.java'

Notice the lack of XML 🙂 that’s my favorite part. I think a better integration would be to write a plugin for buildr, but for now this will suffice. Now to go fix all 800 checkstyle errors I found.