TiVo or MOXI

Dear Interwebs,

Back in Sept of 2008, I was sick of Time Warner Cables crappy DVR but I didn’t follow through on my threat of switching to something else. Now I have a new HDTV and the Time Warner Cable HD-DVR box and it is worse than the SD DVR box I had from them.

  • slow menus
  • doesn’t buffer the channel it is on anymore
  • HD box has really dumb recording, two shows on the same channel back to back and try to record another one on a different channel, the box thinks there’s a conflict. But the same channel shows are back to back, it only needs one tuner for that.
  • the UI is horrible

I know a lot of folks are happy with their TiVo‘s, but the ‘no DVR fee’ of the Moxi. So do any of you Interwebbers have a Moxi and if so, how do you like it? Feel free to leave a comment.



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