Windows is still a pain

So I’m setting up a new Windows 7 machine for my inlaws. This time it’s a new Dell preinstalled with Windows 7, which is great I don’t have to actually install the OS. But Windows still sucks to setup, first I had to figure out how to copy the data from the old machine to the new. In Linux, I would simply rsync the homedirs from the old to the new machine. Thankfully Windows 7 had a “Windows Easy Transfer” program (rsync is still easier) 🙂

After all of the data and user accounts were copied over, Windows Easy Transfer presented me with a list of all the applications I should probably installed based on the settings it found in the data transfer. This was extremely useful, and also where the pain starts. In Linux (Fedora), I would simply setup the appropriate yum repos, then yum install firefox, google-chrome, nvidia-kmod, etc. With Windows I have to go to each of the vendors sites and download their custom setup program. The worst is when you have a few applications to install and they each want you to reboot after each one.  Only 15 more applications to install now 😦



2 thoughts on “Windows is still a pain

  1. I’m really impressed with Mac’s “copy settings from your old mac” tool, that can use either a Time Machine backup or a Firewire connection.

    Anaconda doing that would be nice, though I question whether video and such would actually work with old X-configs and what other dragons are lurking.

  2. Hey I am doing this for my parents right now. I wish they ahd a tool like the Mac because it would make so much easier. One thing I did like was that it nags me to set up backups for the box.

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