Fedora 13 battery icon is wrong

I’ve been running Fedora 13 beta on my laptop for quite a while. But I haven’t been able to figure out what causes this scenario. It happens after a suspend/resume cycle. The battery popup clearly shows 7 hours + remaining, but the percentage and the icon are completely wrong.

Running acpi yields more accurate information:

[jesusr@speed3 ~]$ acpi -b
Battery 0: Discharging, 81%, 06:25:37 remaining

and acpitool shows the following:

[jesusr@speed3 ~]$ acpitool -B
  Battery #1     : present
    Remaining capacity : 7479 mAh, 81.01%, 07:09:00
    Design capacity    : 9324 mAh
    Last full capacity : 9232 mAh, 99.01% of design capacity
    Capacity loss      : 0.9867%
    Present rate       : 1046 mA
    Charging state     : discharging
    Battery type       : rechargeable 
    Model number       : 42T4799
    Serial number      :  6034

Could it be we have the decimal point in the wrong place? Seems like it should be 82% in the screenshot instead of 8.2%. Has this bug been fixed? If not, what package should I file the bug against? If you need a test user I’ll be happy to test it 🙂


3 thoughts on “Fedora 13 battery icon is wrong

  1. > “If not, what package should I file the bug against?”

    I’d say just report it against gnome-power-manager. It makes sens as it is the comonent handling the UI that appears to be wrong.

    Worst case, it will be a bug in something lower in the stack, and it will take around 10 minutes from the developer’s time to reassign the bug 😉

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