Now it’s getting personal

On Saturday July 10th, I called Time Warner tech support to debug a switched digital video problem. After a reboot message was sent, I was transferred to TiVo support. TiVo walked me through a few things and determined that I needed a new tuning adapter. I call Time Warner again, but switched to online chat to avoid the 20 minute hold time. Here’s a
snippet of the transcript:

jesus_:    I called tech support earlier today
jesus_:    they sent a reboot signal to it
jesus_:    then forwarded me to TiVo tech support
jesus_:    we spent about an hour on the phone trying various reboots and disconnections
jesus_:    none worked.
jesus_:    TiVo support said I needed a new tuning adapter. and I contacted the TWCableHelp folks on
jesus_:    they said the Raleigh office said I needed a service call to have a tech come out *WITH* a tuning adapter
Shayne Norway:    I apologize for the inconvenience.
Shayne Norway:    I would be happy to assist you.
Shayne Norway:    Yes, that is correct a service call is needed.
jesus_:    so that's what I want to do. I want to have a tech come out with a tuning adapter (please don't send out a tech without one that has happened 3 times already when I was having CableCARD issues).
jesus_:    CableCARD seems to be working (thankfully)
Shayne Norway:    I can arrange a technician to visit your place on Monday  between 1 pm to 3 pm. Will that work for you?
jesus_:    I prefer mornings, but if that is the earliest that is fine.
Shayne Norway:    That is earliest possible.
Shayne Norway:    Can I book it?
jesus_:    yes
jesus_:    Please ensure that he bring a tuning adapter. I don't want a repeat of the CableCARD fiasco.
Shayne Norway:    Yes, I have mentioned a note on your account.

Turns out the appointment was scheduled for TUESDAY not Monday as the above states. So I lost the afternoon, but got a credit for that miscommunication.
Today (Tuesday) tech #6 shows up WITHOUT a tuning adapter, spends 3 hours! Trying everything he could to make up for the fact that he
didn’t have a tuning adapter. He even called in a maintenance tech to look at the line that comes to the street (before it comes in to my house). He finally determined that my
tuning adapter is bad. NO SHIT SHERLOCK I ALREADY TOLD YOU GUYS THIS! Next available appointment? SATURDAY!

I tried to get a credit for the rest of the week but Time Warner’s systems don’t allow that, so I have to wait until Saturday to get service credit for the whole week.
Time to update my BBB, NCDOJ, and FCC complaints with the latest news.


3 thoughts on “Now it’s getting personal

  1. Bahaha! I can’t believe it! Just when you think you finally had it all setup…

    I think I know where you went wrong… you actually started to believe that TWC had a sliver of compassion after your first problem was finally solved… Don’t let it happen again!!!

    I just cancelled my Road Runner High Speed Online (<-what a joke) in favor of Clear the other day, all in a "brisk" 1.5 hours on the phone. We'll see when the bill comes if it has actually been cancelled…

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