TiVo saga fixed (for now)

As many of you know I’ve had quite a fun time getting my TiVo Premiere working with Time Warner Cable. The process started on June 15th when Time Warner came out to install the CableCARD and tuning adapter but they brought a bad CableCARD. After MANY visits and calls, a tech came out on July 3rd with a working CableCARD. This lasted 1 week! When there was a storm and we lost power at the house briefly, enough to reboot everything. From that point on the tuning adapter wouldn’t work. On Tuesday July 13th, they had a tech at my house for THREE HOURS only to determine that I had a bad tuning adapter 🙂 This
when the shit hit the fan.

Wednesday evening my neighbor, who works for Time Warner as an installer, asked me why I had 2 trucks at my house. I explained to him and he was appalled at the incompetence. He asked for my account number and said he’d take care of things for me. Thursday morning I got a call from Bob @ Time Warner Cable, apparently one of the ‘big guys’ in the Raleigh office. He apologized profusely, said there was ‘opportunity for improvement’ and that he’d have a guy at my house TODAY with a tuning adapter instead of Saturday. After lunch my neighbor calls saying ‘I’ve got a brand new tuning adapter for you. I’ll install it when I get home’. Meanwhile, at 2pm I get a TWC truck roll up to the house. I ask him why he’s here (since my neighbor has the job in his queue). The tech said, I was told to get up here ASAP because you need a tuning adapter. YAY! for communication. Either I get no service or I get superb service. I sent the tech away since I knew my neighbor would take care of things PROPERLY.

That evening my neighbor shows up with a nice new tuning adapter, we plug it in. Let it provision itself, test, reboot tuning adapter, retest and IT WORKS! Finally after a week we get a working tuning adapter.

So how long does it take to install a TiVo with Time Warner? Let’s see it by the numbers:

  • one month
  • 7 tech visits
  • 9 truck rolls
  • 2 CableCARDs
  • 2 tuning adapters
  • 4 consumer group complaints (NC DOJ, BBB, FCC, WRAL 5 on your side)

If you are planning on getting a TiVo which despite my experience is an AWESOME DVR! My advice to you is be patient and persistent.
Check back next week to see if I start the process again.


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