panovit early screenshots

Took a while to figure out why the TiVo HME Simulator didn’t show the fonts. Now that I have that working I was able to take some early screenshots of Panovit.


One thought on “panovit early screenshots

  1. Nice start. I’m just beginning to dabble in HME myself.

    I downloaded your code and played around a little.

    Here’s some code that will capture the input from the keyboard screen, save it, then make a new item on the first screen.

    public boolean handleEvent(HmeEvent event) {
    System.out.println(“opcode: ” + event.getOpCode());
    System.out.println(“id: ” + event.getID());

    if (event instanceof KeyboardEvent) {
    System.out.println(“value: ” + ((KeyboardEvent)event).getValue());
    userInputFromKeyboard = ((KeyboardEvent)event).getValue();

    if(event.getOpCode()==7202 && userInputFromKeyboard!=null && userInputFromKeyboard !=””){
    System.out.println(“newmenuitem: ” + ((KeyboardEvent)event).getValue());
    userInputFromKeyboard = “”;

    return super.handleEvent(event);

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