Hulu Plus coming to TiVo Premiere

Looks like Hulu is coming to TiVo Premiere.


One thought on “Hulu Plus coming to TiVo Premiere

  1. I’ve been using Hulu Plus on my PS3… It is a very nice interface, but it can lose its connection to Hulu & either lock-up your PS3 or cause it to reboot when quiting Hulu… Obviously a “preview” app. It still beats Netflix’ streaming disc which doesn’t work most of the time on my PS3.

    About the only thing Hulu Plus on PS3 lacks from the web interface is browsing by “channel”.

    I watch mostly over-the-air broadcast TV. Hulu Plus + PlayStation Plus is still cheaper than cable.

    To cut expenses I traded access to my Hulu Plus for access to a friend’s Netflix. 🙂

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