Netgear N600 installed

I intended to replace our Linksys WRT54g with the Netgear N600 WNDR3700v2 but I didn’t have the success I wanted with dd-wrt and the stock firmware doesn’t offer the features like DNS, static DHCP, etc that Tomato and dd-wrt have.

I asked myself “where do we use the wireless the most?” The answer is downstairs. I decided to host the Netgear router downstairs in the home theater cabinet. Finally I turned off the wireless on the WRT54g and keeping it as our router. Now the Mac Book Pro and the Thinkpad get 104+Mbps vs the 5Mbps I was getting before.


2 thoughts on “Netgear N600 installed

  1. Have you tried using OpenWRT instead? For me it has great performance and one of the lead developers is a developer of ath9k, too. So it’s highly optimized for these kind of devices. I use it on my D-Link DIR-825, which hardware-wise is almost the same as the WNDR3700 (I just thought the possibility of installing external antennas to the DIR-825 was more appealing :)).

  2. Felix, no I didn’t try OpenWRT. After I went back to stock firmware and decided to put the router downstairs, I didn’t see the need. Maybe if I get bored again I’ll give it shot.

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