40th birthday

Today, June 9th, 2011, I turned 40. I started the
day opening my cards and presents.
Iliana hooked me up with some nice
car cleaning products (Aquadry drying cloth, microfiber mitt, and wash & wax solution) and a hilarious movie: Grownups.

Marco loves to help me grill especially asparagus, his favorite part is when I “lose” one through the grate. He got me this grill topper to protect the veggies from sacrificing themselves 😀 Marco & I have also wanted to see the new TRON: Legacy movie so he got me the Blu-ray.

Adan got me the Army of Two PS3 game since I’m a video game addict now. Since I’m always on him to read more, he noticed I’ve been reading more lately as well, so he got me Stephen Kings’ “Full Dark, No Stars”

Finally, Liz decided to take me to the Carolina Mudcats baseball game tonight. And to help ease my earaches from the earbuds I got the Sennheiser HD555 headphones. As my boss, Bryan, noticed I was jammin to Eminem and Lil Jon 🙂

At work, the guys (Beav) got me a birthday cake, and made me wear the birthday hat 😀

It was a GREAT day. Thanks to everyone that made it special.


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