NetworkManager connection editor

I had two problems with my network connections in NetworkManager. The first was at work it would
auto-connect to the guest network which I unintentionally tried ONCE. That’s all it took to become
annoying. The second problem was at home, I switched my network from WEP to WPA2 and couldn’t
get find a way to change it to use WPA2 so I could enter the password.

In the past, I could access the NetworkManager connection editor from the nm-applet, but in
Fedora 15 I couldn’t figure it out. I tried using the ‘Network Settings’ from the menu.

But that would bring up the pretty useless network settings screen.

There’s no way to edit the connection information there. I wanted to remove some of the networks NetworkManager remembered. Thanks to Google, I was able to find a post that mentioned to use nm-connection-editor.

If you need or want to edit your network connections in NetworkManager, you will need to
run nm-connection-editor. You’ll have to run it from the terminal since there’s
no way to get at it from the GUI, not even from the Applications menu.

Once there I was able to go to the Wireless tab, remove the stupid networks. Change the
guest network at work to not auto connect, and change the security type from my home network.

Candlepin 0.4.11 released

Candlepin 0.4.11 has been released. You can get the bits at:

Make sure you read over the Setup Guide, which is located at

For more information on Candlepin, please visit our project page.

Features & Enhancements


  • group subscriptions based on stacking attribute in the following screens:
    • subscriptions page
    • compliance assistant
    • view available subscription page
  • the cli and gui now denote the state of the subscription: Subscribed, Partially Subscribed, Expired or Not Subscribed.
  • Nag messages now denote the ‘Partially Subscribed’ state.
  • registration with multiple activation keys now supported
  • list --available now shows if a subscription is multi-entitle capable
  • GUI shows an asterisk to denote a subscription is multi-entitle capable
  • config command added to cli enabling editing of the configuration values
  • client tries to optionally heal the system to keep it properly subscribed.


  • the list of consumer’s installed product IDs are now stored
  • the candlepin job status stable now stores the consumer uuid for async bind.
  • configuration added to disable batch jobs on a particular node
  • Moved the translations to

Bugs fixed

729780 non-existent secure objects throw a 404 instead of a 403.
708058 Server 500 error thrown when user auto-subscribes and has no entitlements
728622 Inconsistent enable config entries
728624 Activation keys are successfully being created with invalid chars
728636 Duplicate activation key error is hard to decipher
729125 Adding pools to an activation key should fail when quantity totalQuantity for a multi-entitlement pool
729070 Adding pools to an activation key should be blocked when specifying a quantity>1 for a non-multi-entitlement pool
728721 NullPointerException thrown when registering with an activation key bound to a pool that requires_consumer_type person.
729066 remove logging statement to avoid filling up logs.

Dislike football season

I must be the only person not excited about football season approaching.  Is it because I hate football? No not at all I love watching football. I dislike football season because that means summer is ending and fall is upon us.  That means cooler weather, shorter days and the impending doom that winter means to me. 

Out of all the seasons in hate winter.  The cold is annoying.  I’d be happy to have summer year round even with all this heat.  🙂 So no,  I’m not at all excited that football season is approaching.

Heard on The O’Reilly Factor

Flipping channels, I stopped by FOX News to see what trash they were talking about tonight. The O’Reilly Factor was on, and this is what he said on the ‘Talking Points’ segment:

“Great Britain is a quasi-nanny state. They have free health care, generous pensions, and safety nets all over the place, yet their society is on fire. No question that is a warning to us.” — Bill O’Reilly on The O’Reilly Factor.

Really Bill? So if the United States gets free health care and other safety nets we’re doomed to burn? Ugh is this the trash you spread on your show? Seriously?