Happy Birthday Adan

Since we were traveling on Adan’s birthday, I didn’t get a chance to make the obligatory birthday blog post. 🙂 On September 29th, Adan turned 10. I can’t believe he’s a decade old already. I told him ‘you realize today is the last day you will be a single digit old’. It didn’t seem to phase him.

Candlepin 0.4.16 released.

Another sprint gone by and another release of Candlepin for your enjoyment. Candlepin 0.4.16 is ready. You can get the bits at:


Make sure you read over the Setup Guide, which is located at

For more information on Candlepin, please visit our project page.

Features & Enhancements


  • A number of GUI changes
    • Center the machine type column header
    • Move quantity column to the end
    • Center the Arch column header
    • Center tree view table properties
    • Add ‘* Click to Adjust Quantity’ label to places allowing editable subscription quantity
    • New icons for red/green
    • Add virt_only attribute to subscription detail pane
    • Display subscription assistant’s subscriptions as a tree
    • Double click or button press (enter, return, space) on row will expand/collapse row
    • Update to All Available Subscriptions tab to put stacked subscriptions under parent node
    • Moved multi-entitlement column (*) next to the quantity column
    • Made the contract selector a little wider so all columns were visible (no manual resize)
  • Initial work done for the healing feature
    • Changes to rhsmcertd to support healing frequency (part I)
    • Add autoheal option to certmgr.py
    • Only autoheal when required
    • Use server-side consumer autoheal flag
  • Misc items
    • Update the strings and the remote server location
    • Make “make stylish” run all the checks, make whitespace “pop”
    • Update translations
    • managerlib was expecting a single ent_cert, but we return a list
    • Add a “refresh” method to cert_sorter
    • Add a require_connection callback to commands


  • upgraded to RESTEasy 2.2.1GA
  • export virt entitlements to non-candlepin consumers
  • refactored pinsetter to work in clustering mode
  • add new api to query jobs by owner, principal, consumer uuid

Bugs fixed

707641 CLI auto-subscribe tries to re-use basic auth credentials
712047 yum prints non-error messages when running in quiet mode
718052 Remove owner from consumer resource return codes. Only use the term org.
730020 Change the help text to show that config can list or set changes
731577 API to query jobs by owner, principal, consumer uuid.
731996 SQL Error when using REST query for events
732538 Disallow the relationship between a ‘person’ pool and an activation key
734174 Add missing produces annotations for role resource.
734880 Handle bundled certs in the installed produict status.
734606 ImportFileExtractor now creates cert/key files based on serial number of the cert
735087 If quartz is in clustered mode, we shouldn’t schedule any jobs.
735226 Importing should fail without a valid key and cert
735338 Subscription Manager CLI tool does not allow unsubscribe when not registered.
735695 add support for multiple config “–remove” options via cli
736166 move certs from subscription-manager to python-rhsm
736784 config –remove add config property to rhsm.conf if it doesn’t exist.
737841 Handle dates beyond 2038 on 32-bit systems.