Candlepin 0.5.5 released


It’s that time again, another release of Candlepin and associated projects available for your enjoyment. With this release we have subscription-manager in Fedora as well as a debut build of Thumbslug.

For more information on Candlepin, please visit:

Features & Enhancements


  • added support for host registration and guest association when host can not register itself
  • virt-who work to handle ESX guests
  • subscription-manager available in fedora


  • build modified to use the tito hotness instead of bunch of disjoint bash scripts
  • disable manifest rules import
  • added support for host registration and guest association when host can not register itself


  • added appropriate init scripts to run as a service
  • uses Candlepin CRL
  • thumbslug talks to akamai
  • created puppet module for katello

Bugs fixed


705883 Fix error dialog modal issues.
719743 Improved text output for successful pool subscription
740788 Getting error with quantity subscribe using subscription-assistance page.
746259 Don’t allow the user to pass in an empty string as an activation key
746732 Only use fallback locales for dates we need to parse
749332 Normalize the error messages for not being registered
749636 Client should not support users entering activation keys and existing consumer ids
752572 add interval logging statements back in on rhsmcertd startup
753093 The available subscriptions count does not show correctly in Subscription Manager GUI
754821 Default org of “Unknown” was not marked for gettext
755031 Unregister before attempting to run a second registration
755035 Migration script should work on RHEL 5.7 and up.
755130 add extra whitespace to classic warning
755541 Enhanced the message in the katello plugin to debug when the backend system does not support environments.
756173 Unexpected behavior change in subscription-manager unregister
756507 do not use output from “getlocale” as input for “setlocale”
758471 install-num-migrate-to-rhsm threw traceback when no instnum was found.
759199 rhsmcertd is logging the wrong value for certFrequency


753093 The Available Subscriptions count do not show correctly in Subscription Manager GUI
754841 Implement DELETE /pools/id.
754843 Fix legacy virt bonus pools missing pool_derived.
755677 Activation Keys should not check quantity on unlimited pools
756628 Translate missing rule errors.
758462 ensure job detail isn’t null, skip it.


759607 update url for subscriptions handler

Download & Setup

Make sure you read over the Candlepin Setup Guide, which is located at

As well as the Headpin Install Guide which can be found at

Just give me the bits already! You can get the various bits at the urls below.




Subscription Manager: