Photo Printer

Last night we needed to print photos for our son’s project. We currently have a color laser which is great for printing lots of text documents with some graphics, but the Xerox Phaser 6130n is NOT a photo printer.

I’m looking for a printer that can print decent photos nothing perfect, if
I want better photos I can order them online from a photo place on real photo paper. But I have a laundry list of requirements.


  • Must work with Linux specifically Fedora
  • Must work with Mac OS X
  • Network capable (prefer hardwired no need for wireless)
  • Prefer ink tanks over cartridges, like my Canon S750.
  • Must have separate tanks for colors

Here’s an example of the Canon ink tank. It’s pretty cheap and doesn’t need a new print head. This was great but the Canon S750 I have has very little
driver support for either Linux or Mac and doesn’t print very well anymore.

ink tank

Leave your recommendations in the comment area, thanks.


One thought on “Photo Printer

  1. I have a Brother MFC-5490CN

    Brother provides linux drivers in rm and deb format and they work well on fedora, but I don’t know how good the OS X support is.

    It is network capable

    It also has separate ink tanks for each color and the print head isn’t on those tanks.

    Also, there are pretty cheap ink tanks from third-party manufacturers (~20€ for 20 pieces on amazon), which is handy if you are printing a lot. Look for LC-1100 compatible cartridges.

    I personally find the quality sufficient but you opinion might vary

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