NetworkManager VPNC why do you loathe me?

For some reason on Fedora 16, NetworkManager VPNC dialog won’t appear as expected. When I click the VPN Connection from the menu, nothing appears. I have to kill the /usr/libexec/nm-vpnc-auth-dialog process twice before it actually displays the prompt. This happens every time I want to use vpnc from the NetworkManager drop-down. I’ll be experimenting to see if this occurs after reboot or just from suspend.

Add transparency in gimp

Here’s a tip on how to add transparency to your image in gimp.
  • open the image, you want to work on
  • adding alpha channel (transparent layer) by CLICKING menu > LAYER > TRANSPARENCY > ADD ALPHA CHANNEL
  • select the fuzzy selector – and with it, click & select the area you want to remove
  • click & select the area you want to remove
  • now let’s clear the area, by CLICKING menu EDIT > CLEAR (CTRL + K)
  • now your image has transparent background and is possible to save in a transparent capable format, like GIF or PNG

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