I’m sick of the gun debates

Personally, I wish no one had guns but sadly that’s not reality. Given the second amendment, I understand why people want their guns, and I’m ok with them owning some: pistols, rifles, even shotguns. Now I don’t see any reason to own AR-15 type rifles.

I hear many gun owners whine about losing their guns, as if an assault weapon ban would actually remove ALL of their guns. Fear not you’ll get to keep some.

The ‘guns don’t kill people, people do’ arguments are annoying too. Usually followed with arguments that cars can kill people, hammers are weapons too. But what these other items have in common is they ALL have real alternatives uses, i.e. a car is meant to transport people from one place to another, a hammer is meant to bang a nail in. You know what doesn’t have an alternative purpose? GUNS. You know what they’re meant for? TO KILL SOMETHING.

Another argument that drives me nuts are hunters. ‘Oh I need my guns to hunt’. Ok you can have your rifle, but you don’t need an AR-15 to hunt. Unless you just want to kill something and shred it. Besides if you’re a real hunter you’d be out there with a bow or hell hunt that animal with a spear and a knife.

And recently there was this video of a 911 call where a wife defends herself with a gun. Again, no one is trying to take ALL of your guns away. So that’s not really a good example of why we need guns. Besides for every example of someone defending themselves with a gun, there are 10 other examples of DEATHs.

And why doesn’t anyone that quotes the second amendment ever include the first part of it “A well regulated militia,”?

I will agree with my gun toting friends that gun control isn’t the only answer, and that mental illness and other factors need to be looked into. But unlike them, I still think we need gun control, specifically bans on assault weapons like the AR-15.



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