First book of 2013

I got a Kindle Paperwhite this past Christmas. I’m not much of a book reader but for 2013 I wanted to read more. As a James Bond fan (I own the Blu-ray box set too 🙂 and the recent Amazon James Bond book sale ($1.99 each for the Kindle versions), I bought all 14 books. I know not that interesting, but I FINALLY finished the first book: “Casino Royale”.

The one thing I noticed about Bond in “Casino Royale” was that he wasn’t as ruthless as he was in the movies. I guess they have to have a lot more killing in the movies to keep folks interested, and it could have been the time when the book was written, 1953. If you are a James Bond fan,
I recommend checking out the books.

Next book is an actual paperback, also a gift, titled “Team Geek A Software Developer’s Guide to Working Well with Others” so far so good. It’s quite entertaining.


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