Watching Gasland is depressing. While I like the idea of being energy independent and getting off of foreign oil, I don’t like the idea of fracking. It seems very short sighted and trying to solve the near term problem.

What I wonder is what the hell have we been doing since the 1973 oil embargo? Or even the panic in 1979. You would think that as a nation when we had to ration gas we would’ve learned and tried to solve the problem. But here it is 34 years later and we consume gas like it’s no tomorrow. Clearly we didn’t learn anything from our past. It’s quite sad actually.

I realize for every view point there’s a counter view point, the Natural Gas industry has a different opinion on Gasland:

Natural gas is a clean, abundant and domestic energy source that holds vast potential to promote cleaner air, grow local economies and enhance energy security in the United States and, increasingly, around the world. The natural gas community is committed to the safe and responsible development of this energy source, and we welcome questions about the film Gasland because it gives us the opportunity to set the record straight in a fact-based way.

Personally I think they’re full of it 🙂 Many will blame the Administration for not doing more but clearly the people to blame are the special interest groups that actually run this country. We have this belief that WE THE PEOPLE are in charge, we’re so wrong. I think the problem isn’t Congress or the Executive branch, but the lobbyist that have our leaders ears (or more likely other parts of their bodies).


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