It’s the price stupid!

Stop the Cap! ran a story regarding the proposed DOCSIS 3.1 standard. While many of the cable companies offer 50Mb+.

Comcast has 105Mb for $90/month,


Verizon has FiOS rated at 150Mb even 300Mb. They’re 75Mb/35Mb option is $70/month.

Cox Communications even has 100Mb for $100.

Time Warner Cable is always the hold out. They offer 50Mb / 5Mb for $75. While the other companies are offering something about $1/Mb Time Warner Cable is at $1.50 / Mb. And the upload speed of 5Mb is abysmal especially compared with Verizon’s FiOS.

And Time Warner’s CTO clearly doesn’t think we want fast internet.

LaJoie dismissed triple digit megabit speeds as a novelty that is not “very deeply penetrated” in the marketplace — marketspeak for “not attracting many customers.”

“There has not been a demonstrated appetite for it,” LaJoie said.

I suspect not many people are subscribing to the 50/5 offering so clearly their data would show little demand. But I think the problem is the price. 50/5 for $49.99 would be totally worth it. But for $75 that’s just outrageous. It would be great to have more competition here in NC, but with Time Warner Cable lobbying against competition, that will likely never happen.