Voter id

NC is looking to enact a voter id bill to help “protect” against voting fraud, primarily pushed for by conservatives because clearly that is why they must be losing elections. But what I find funny is that in NC, conservatives have one many of the seats that were up for re-election including the governorship. I think this bill will ultimately bite them in the butt when the tides shift.

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While I have a valid government issue ID and am ok with showing it to vote, my biggest problem with the bill is that I don’t believe there is widespread voter fraud as this bill claims to solve. Personally I don’t see the need for this bill.

Made in the USA

It was time for a new pair of sneakers. I’ve always been a Nike fan, but this time I wanted to look for a pair of sneakers made in the USA. It is EXTREMELY difficult nigh impossible to find a pair made in the USA. Turns out the only company I could find that made shoes here was New Balance, even then it is only a few of them. I ended up getting the 990v3 in Navy


It’s sort of a shame that we don’t have more things made in the USA, but I believe we are willing to pay the prices that made in the USA would cost. I wish it were easier to find made in the USA products though.