Phone scam

Just received a call from 1-202-456-7890 (notice the increasing numbers) telling me that I’ve been selected by the “government” for a $9,000 grant. It is only given to those citizens that pay their taxes on time, no bankruptcies, etc. Apparently I can use this money for whatever I want home repair, buy a new car, etc. EXCEPT for gambling. I can receive this money in one of two ways either a bank account (savings, checking, money market) or a “plastic account” that is credit card, debit card, etc. I asked if this money was subject to income tax, they said NO (yeah right), then I asked to have a certified check mailed to a PO Box. They said it can only be sent via bank or plastic account. The “government” has not authorized payment via check.

At this point I grew tired of his bulls**t and said that I’m going to report them to the FTC, FBI and FCC. Do not call my number anymore. After I hung up I called the number to see if it was indeed a fake one, and sure enough “you’ve reached a non-working number”.

So if you get a Washington, DC or any call asking for information, don’t give it to them. It is fun playing along though 🙂

The FTC already has this scam in various forms:


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