Goodbye newspapers

I’ve subscribed to a newspaper for 15+ years. I used to read quite a bit of it, but of late, I’ve just been reading the Money section and the most important part, the Comics. I was getting papers Friday, Saturday & Sunday, and realized I was effectively putting the Friday & Saturday ones directly in the recycle bin.

I kept holding on to the subscription because I felt that I could keep the dying industry alive. Clearly I’m not enough, they need to help themselves. Last night they emailed me to notify me that my subscription rate was increasing due to increased costs. INCREASING? you’re a dying industry you need to keep subscriptions as long as possible and as many as possible as well. Increasing renewal rates is NOT the way to go.

That was the last straw. I emailed their customer service last night and asked to cancel my subscription. Fully expecting to have to fight them to cancel it, but found this morning they just cancelled it. No wonder they’re a dying industry, they’re not even trying to keep subscribers. I’ll keep getting newspapers until 9/26th when my current subscription ends. But that will be it, no more newspapers for me.