Go resources

Mostly a note to myself, but others might find them useful.

Use of Go articles

Here are some articles of companies using Go

Go After 2 years in production
Building Web Apps with Go
Companies using Go
Go at Heroku
Handling five billion sessions a day – in real time
Open Sourcing Our Go Libraries
The March towards Go
How we went from 30 Servers to 2: Go
OpenShift 3 and Go: Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks

Node.js to Go

I found quite a few articles where folks were using Node.js and moved to Go.

A closer look at Go and Node.JS
Making the Switch
from Node.js to Golang

Farewell Node.js
From Node.js to Go, Why One Startup Made The Switch
Node.js vs Golang: Battle of the Next-Gen Languags

Go web frameworks

Since web apps are the thing these days, it’s a good idea to look at web frameworks for Go.

Gorilla web toolkit
Beego Quickstart
Go kit – distributed programming toolkit
Revel web framework
IRIS Web Framework
A Survey of 5 Go Web Frameworks
Making a RESTful JSON API in Go
Key/value logs in Go
How We Moved Our API From Ruby to Go and Saved Our Sanity

If you have a framework, article, or comparison you’d like to share, leave me a comment.


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