Adan pulls own tooth

Father’s Day weekend we went to Maryland to attend Liz’ cousin’s wedding, visited my parents and Liz’ parents. The highlight of the trip was Adan pulled out his top tooth while we were driving home on Sunday evening. It was quite exciting.

Memorial weekend update

I had a great Memorial weekend. My parents came down from Maryland to visit on Saturday. That night we went to the Carolina Mudcats game, the weather was perfect warm but not humid and most importantly no  rain.

Sunday my brother and nephew came up from Charlotte. They brought their slip and slide, while not entirely the warmest weather on Sunday, the kids still enjoyed splashing around on it. For dinner that night, I grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, and some chicken breasts.

On the last day of the weekend, Monday, my parents left early to avoid traffic (but they still hit it anyway), and we just hung out. The boys watched E.T. – the Extra Terrestrial for the first time, and with all the hype behind the new Indiana Jones movies, we let them watch Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. I’m sure they’ll want to watch the other tree to catch up. Maybe near mid June I can take them to see the latest edition. The funny part was that Marco said, “he sounds like Han Solo”, and he mentioned the guy on the new movie, Shia LaBeouf, sounds like Sam from Transformers, which as you may or may not know is the same actor.

Now Tuesday rolled around and I’m back at work and Adan is back at school. Marco is already on summer vacation until late July when he begins kindergarten.

Adan’s tee-ball game

Tonight we went to Adan’s first tee-ball game of the season (technically the second but the first game was rained out). Adan’s favorite time was when he played first base and caught the ball from the pitcher to put the runner out to end the inning. It was an exciting time for all.

Happy Birthday, Liz

Another year younger, and another year wiser. Happy Birthday to my wife who was born on this day. The boys bombarded her this morning with presents and cards. After the boys went to school, we went to have a nice breakfast. Had dinner out tonight at the Olive Garden where we surprised her with the happy birthday celebration and finally went off to Adan’s tee-ball game.

Linux a better Windows partition manager

My inlaws were in town to help Liz through her surgery. They brought their machines to me for repair 🙂 One of the machines had a full disk so I upgraded the 20GB to a 250GB drive.

  1. made the 20GB drive a slave
  2. installed the 250GB drive as the master
  3. booted Fedora Live CD
  4. create a partition of the same size on the new disk
  5. copy the master boot record (MBR) using dd
  6. copy the partition using dd
  7. shutdown
  8. remove power from the slave (old 20GB) drive
  9. reboot to Windows, verify things look ok.

For detailed instructions visit:

I stopped at the “Resizing the Partition”.

The best part of all this was I never knew the power of dd, ntfsresize, and fdisk. I was originally looking for a copy of PartitionMagic or Norton Ghost. Linux is far better than any of that.

Once I finished the dd, I shutdown, and removed power from the slave drive. I rebooted and Windows came up on the new 250GB but still appeared as a 20GB drive. Now I had to resize it.

The oddest part was resizing the partition, because I couldn’t wrap my head around the “delete the partition” then recreate. The delete part threw me off as I was afraid to lose the data. But it was an in memory operation so it didn’t affect it. WHEW! Then I ran ntfsresize -n -s 250G /dev/sda1, then rebooted back to Windows. After a chkdsk, I was all done!

So Linux is a better Windows partition tool than Windows 🙂

Fun moments

Yesterday, I took Adan to t-ball practice. He’s doing much better with paying attention. He did a great job playing third base and running the bases. It was particularly fun yesterday because I helped out by being third base coach, it was surprisingly fun.

At the beginning of practice, I help Adan warm up, then Marco & I played catch for a bit. Marco has quite an arm for a 4 year old, and pretty good with the grounders. Though while I was third base coach, Marco decided to roll down the hill 🙂

Another cool thing, Adan tells me last night “Daddy, we’re doing times [multiplication] in math class. 10 times 10 is 100!” Apparently, they’re starting third grade math now. Adan is only in first grade though 🙂

Iron Man weekend

This morning, Grandpop, Grandma, the kids & I went strawberry picking at Vollmer Farm in Bunn, NC. We came home with 3 buckets full. The berries are plump, red and sweet!

This afternoon, Grandpop Frank & I took the boys to see Iron Man. Usually I don’t see movies the weekend they have been released, but I promised the boys I’d take them today.  The movie was AWESOME! Adan & Marco loved it, as did I.

Then finally this evening, I drove the Trans Am to it’s new owner at RDU.

At home

The surgery went well, they straightened her septum and cleared up her sinuses. We got home around 2:45pm today, but the ride home was less than fun for her. We drover my car to the hospital, and the suspension being to taut made every bump, ditch, or even minor road imperfections noticable. She was NOT a happy camper. We could’ve taken our Grand Caravan but my father-in-law needed it to pick up Adan from school.

It was a rough right, but we finally made it home. We had some Chinese food tonight for dinner, Liz had some soup and crackers. She’s relaxing on the loveseat, actually looks like she SLEEPING! YAY! It’s been a long day.


Tonight while putting Adan to bed, he was stating some math fact: “0+0=0, 1+1=2, 2+2=4, 3+3=6, …Daddy, guess what? I just noticed something, they’re all even numbers!” I replied, “that’s very good. You’re right, any time you take to numbers and add them together you get an even number.” I could see the light bulb over his head. I was proud.