Remote connection to Windows from Nexus 4

I setup Windows 7 running in a VirtualBox guest on my CentOS 7 Linux server (mostly for doing taxes and having a Windows test machine). I’ve configured it to start headless, that is without a monitor on the server. My main means of connection is using rdesktop from my Fedora Linux desktops.

Tonight, I decided to see how smart my smartphone really is. Could I connect remotely to a Windows 7 box using a 4.7″ Nexus 4 Android phone? The answer? YES! Using RD Client I connected to the Windows machine and was able to interact with it. Is this a usable solution on such a small screen? No way. But if you need to access something you might be able to get around well enough to get what you want.

Connecting to Windows 7 using RD client on a Nexus 4 phone

If this was going to be something you did regularly, I’d suggest at least a 7″ tablet, probably a good 10″ one would be best.

Any way, why did I do this? Because I can. Isn’t technology fun?