Sirius satellite radio and AUX input? NOT!

The Mazdaspeed3 has an AUX input in the arm rest for use with digital audio players like my iPod. The car also has Sirius satellite radio (though I have not and do not plan to activate it). I bought a cool Monster iCarCharger and an audio cable for the AUX input. I connect it all up this morning and I get NADA! NOTHING! ZILCH! I break open the manual and follow the instructions. Still nothing.

I checked my connection and noticed the big white sticker in the arm rest that clearly states “This vehicle is equipped with Sirius satellite radio, …. AUX input has been disabled… Call your local Mazda dealer for part number TD13-79-CFZ”.

That’s when I had the “You’ve got to be $!#!#*& kidding me!” This is definitely a feature created by a business guy “Hey I know how we can get more money, let’s upsell them the AUX input” because no engineer worth their weight in gold would EVER do something as stupid as this (at least not without pressure from managers and business folks).

So I call up Capital Mazda of Cary and they said the part is $142 + tax!!! That’s BULLSH*T! If I’m going to pay that much for audio parts I’m going to Crutchfield not the Mazda dealer.

A quick google search reveals a few forums all with the same problem:


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