New Microhood

1031091735.jpg, originally uploaded by jmrodri.

After almost a month, I finally decided to install the microhood today.

I started by turning off the breaker, then removing the 6 screws from the old range hood. I had to drill two 3/8″ holes in the cabinet and a 1.5″ hole for the plug. Thankfully I didn’t have to mess with the existing duct work. I did have to tape up the old wiring and push it into the wall, since the new microhood has a plug.

The bracket had 4 springed wing bolts and 3 lag screws into the studs. To find centerline I crated my own plumb with a thread, push ping and a bolt. 🙂

Liz helped me hook the microhood onto the bracket and get it screwed in from the top. Once it was in place, I plugged it in and switched the breaker. Thankfully no sparks 😀

Next text was turn on the light, followed by the fan. All worked. Last test was try out the actual microwave part. WOO HOO! nothing blew up.


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