I used the Wake County property tax page to get a list of all of the homes in our neighborhood. I pasted that into a spreadsheet. The Proper and Proper last columns are actually cells using the =PROPER() function. It takes the given cell and converts it from all upper case to proper case. The resulting list looks like this:

Address Street Last name Owners Proper Proper last E-mail
123 SCRABBLES DR JONES FRED Fred Jones neighbor1@email.com
456 SCRABBLES DR BONES WILMA Wilma Bones neighbor2@eahoo.com

I probably could’ve done this whole thing without using the spreadsheet or the =PROPER() function but it was easier considering the original data came from a table. I then exported that as a CSV file.

Address,Street,Last name,Owners,Proper,Proper last,E-mail,
123,SCRABBLES DR,JONES,FRED,Fred,Jones,neighbor1@email.com,
456,SCRABBLES DR,BONES,WILMA,Wilma,Bones,neighbor2@eahoo.com,

What I’m trying to do is get a list with the following format:

"First Lastname" <emailaddress@domain.com>, "First Lastname" <email2@domain.com>

I did it with the following command line. The trickiest was getting awk to print out the double quotes uses “\42”

cat neighbors.csv | grep -v ^Address | awk -F , '{print "\42"$5" "$6"\42 <"$7">,"}' | grep -v "<>" | tr '\n' ' ' > full-list.txt

I then copy and pasted the resulting file contents into the “Direct add members” feature. The one tidbit that I had to do was only copy and paste 10 addresses at once. I probably could’ve updated the above script to do that for me. But by this point I got 90% of what I needed so I just split the rest by hand.


2 thoughts on “Fun with cli file transformation

  1. Please don’t use awk to parse CSV files. It’s not even remotely safe. Use a program like csvtool instead (it’s in Fedora).

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